I.E.M.S. - Integrated Egg Management Systems

Integrated - Integrates the whole of your business system, from the placement of day-olds to the quantities of eggs sold per flock.

Choice of platform - Web based or spreadsheet versions are available.

Customised for your business - I.E.M.S is designed to be customised to help meet the specific needs of your business. At the commencement, you are invited to contribute to the design, add, remove and modify the components of the program to suit your business.

Monitor your flock production - I.E.M.S monitors the indicators that are important for your business.

Real time assessments - I.E.M.S allows you several ways of conducting real time assessments on many performance indicators.

Affordable - Your I.E.M.S pays for itself and therefore requires minimal justification.

Holistically based - Does not abandon conventional KPIs, but adds significant others that impact on the bottom line of your business.

Continuous improvement - Has the potential to substantially reduce “management stress levels”  

Packages are available to suit your individual needs.

If you are interested to beta-test the system, or to obtain a subscription, please contact us, or call Abe Moses on +61 418 769 372.

IEMS Program Benefits

Free Demonstration – We have a simple program to demonstrate the potential benefits of our I.E.M.S for your business